SoCal Agents, stop fighting for attention!

Facebook Usage Skyrocketing

With Facebook being the highest used social media outlet in the world, it is no surprise that businesses use it as a marketing tool.  Facebook users across the globe are posting digital media to market their products and services to friends, family members, and old acquaintances.  According to, 81% of the U.S. population is currently using Facebook (as of 2017).

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Saturated With REALTORS®

According to the 2013-14 CRT REALTOR® Technology Survey Report, 77% of Realtors® are using Facebook as a way of marketing their business-related content.  This same report states that 91% of Realtors® are using some form of social media for marketing.

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Source: National Association of Realtors®

Fighting for Attention in So Cal

There are currently over 180,000 active real estate agents in the state of California.  Southern California is the most saturated region in the state, making social media marketing for agents very noisy.  Real estate agents and brokers are fighting to be heard and trying to find creative ways to separate themselves from the competition.


How to WIN

Social media marketing is a relatively new way of reaching people and many businesses are still doing the things the old way.  Because it is so new, there are very few experts in Social Media Marketing and even fewer agencies.  What many businesses don’t realize is that money they are spending on EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) campaigns, flyer drops, and other print marketing efforts is falling by the wayside.  Thriving companies are capitalizing on this new way of marketing by reallocating their marketing dollars toward effective social media marketing.

Hiring an agency to focus their efforts on driving leads and revenue to your business is the smartest decision you can make.  They generally cost less than a typical flyer drop, less than hiring a full-time employee, and less than running an EDDM campaign. A social media marketing agency knows how to cut through the internet noise and catch the ear (really the eye) of your TARGET market.  For example, if you are a selling agent, a marketing expert will target homeowners who have typical behavior indicating they are soon to sell (eg. they recently researched what their home is worth).

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WAIT! Take your finger off the boost button

Internet and social media marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach thousands of people in a small amount of time. So, why wouldn’t you want to boost your posts?

What is a “Boost”?

After allowing companies to create business pages, Facebook came up with a way to allow them to create marketing campaigns that will reach Facebook users.  Boosting a post allows a company to make their content visible to users who are not already following their page.  Facebook makes it convenient for businesses to decide how long their ad will run and the price they are willing to pay.  New features have been added allowing businesses to choose a Call-to-Action (CTA) and even gives an estimate on how well the campaign is projected to do.

Limited Optimization and Audience Targeting

Here’s where you are at the mercy of Facebook’s money-makers.  A boost is highly limited, giving you less control than you may think.  For example, if you are optimized for “Post Engagements”, what exactly does that mean?  You are paying for post engagements, but have no control over which type of engagement is being targeted.  Your goal may be to get users to click a post link, but paying Facebook to generate post likes, shares, comments, placements, and much more.  This same concept of inefficient spending of marketing dollars carries over to several features within a post boost; this is one small example.

Solution: Hyper-targeting Tools

If clicking “Boost Post” is so ineffective then how could you say Facebook is a powerful marketing tool?  Boosting a post is a fantastic way to get results, but there is a more efficient way of doing it.  Narrowing your audience to focus on qualified potential customers, optimizing for generating specific results, choosing where your ads will appear within Facebook, and creating a Facebook-Instagram synergy with quality digital media are a few ways to fine tune your ads to effectively create measurable returns.

To sum it up, clicking “Boost Post” is better than nothing, but having an internet marketing agency help you properly run your ads is the most effective way to generate a return on your investment.