Facebook Advertising

Getting real results through Facebook advertising.

We use Facebook advertising to target the most accurate demographic and user-interest for finding new clients.  With Facebook’s powerful ad platform, we make sure your individuals who need your services see your business as the best solution for meeting those needs. Our business clients have found their marketing efforts are far more impactful when we find them leads instead of hoping the leads find them.

Re-targeting website visitors.

Re-targeting works when your potential client visits your website and then leaves. We later will make your ads visible to them on Facebook.  These ads will contain relevant information or maybe a promotion/special offer that will motivate them to return to your site.  This precision targeting makes even more of an impact and converts “window shoppers” to real customers.

We understand the complexity of making social media work for your business and you know how overwhelming it can be.  This is why so many businesses like yours use our agency to do the heavy lifting.  Our competitive pricing allows you to have a team of experts work for you at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full-time employee to manage your Facebook ads.


We will take the time to learn who your ideal customer is and create a detailed customer profile to penetrate that specific market on Facebook. This information sets the foundation for targeting when setting up your ads, and may include one or several demographics.

Ad Design

We will work with you to create attention-grabbing digital media for your Facebook ads that get results. We can either work with your graphic designer or start from scratch and do it for you.


By taking the time to understand your brand’s personality, voice, and business goals, we will create engaging and effective ad copy and call-to-actions, and build brand recognition through the use of digital marketing.

Split Testing

We are constantly testing copy, images, targeting, and landing pages for your ads to ensure we find the best possible combination to get you results. We measure several times and make the perfect cut.

Geo-Social Campaigns for Local Marketing

We run locally targeted ad campaigns that are only visible to people within a specific radius from your business or in your farm.  Local marketing ads enable us to drive customers physically through your door and saturate a specific area with your brand’s image and voice.

Campaign Management

We do everything for you from campaign creation to management.  We’ll use real-time data to continually tweak a campaign to improve the results specific to your goals.

Facebook Video Ads

Combining Facebook video ads with remarketing is one of the best ways to get targeted, high-converting traffic from Facebook to your website.

Ad Reporting

We will gather and analyze dozens of data points for your ad campaigns, such as CTR, CPC, social reach, social engagement, frequency, and cost per conversion. We’ll send you these reports on the success of your campaigns so you always know where your campaigns stand.

Please note: We are not affiliated with Facebook. We are an independent agency and we abide by Facebook advertising policies on behalf of our clients.